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Our Miletex Surfacing is used widely on many private Estates in the North West, Shropshire and Wales. Clarke Contracting are the preferred contractor to a number of Land Agents and Surveyors, and have recently developed the Miletex product to provide an excellent Pothole Repair System. The Miletex Pothole Repair System is extremely quick and effects a 100 % waterproof surfacing. The final pothole asphalt panel is squared off around the pothole to prevent any future water ingress.

Miletex Pothole Repair System
Our Miletex Pothole Repair System has been specifically designed to repair potholes quickly efficiently and very cost effectively. Our Miletex Microasphalt is a self-regulating material, and once the pothole is cleaned the Miletex fits the hole to flush with the existing surface.

Our travel workforce then apply a waterproof tape surrounding the repair, and finally the polymer Miletex Microasphalt overlay is applied, feathering neatly into the taping to ensure no further water ingress. The Miletex pothole repair system negates the need to cut out an excavate potholes, and therefore offers a much quicker and cost effective solution than traditional tarmacing methods.


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